Archconfraternity of Ieschouah


It is important to remember three essential things:

1- The heart of Christian Kabbalah is the revelation of the nature and role of Ieschouah.

2- The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross was the first modern Rose-Cross Order to exist.

3- The essence of the Rose-Cross movement is religious, both by the authentic transmission of power within its lineage, and by the rituals used.

The Archconfraternity of Ieschouah is a group of men and women who have received this occult transmission of Christian mystics, the inner sacraments of the religious lineage of the Christian Kabbalah, and who have placed themselves under the high protection of Ieschouah. It is not necessary to already be a member of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross to join the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah.

However, the initiatic journey of the K.O.R.C. is linked to the progression of the initiate in the Archconfraternity.



Everyone knows that the occult lineage of the Grand Patriarchs of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross has been composed of mystics and ecclesiastics who were in charge of various important religious organizations. This succession ensured a continuous transmission of occult powers and sacerdotal authority linked to the Archconfraternity of Ieschouah.

The latter is totally different from the more recent Martinist organizations or pseudo-esoteric churches who do not know the occult keys of Christian Kabbalah. 



The Archconfraternity of Ieschouah is structured according to 5 occult powers named "steps," 3 degrees of authority named "priesthoods," and 1 occult circle whose name is not revealed here.

The Ill. Grand Patriarch Rose-Cross of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross oversees this lineage. It is he who prepares all the documents needed for the ritual and ascetic processes, which are sent to the supplicants.



We are convinced that if you read these words, it is because an inner voice has guided you to the authentic Christian Kabbalah, which is religious and occult!


This tradition is still there, and you can receive its authority and powers. It will change every aspect of your existence to reach a real awakening.

To respect the occult rules of our tradition, the number of supplicants who are not initiates of the K.O.R.C. is limited to a specific number per year of Ieschouah. This is why it is essential not to wait if you are interested.

If you want to know more, write to us by clicking here.


We will send you a more complete presentation of the Archconfraternity, and the confidential “supplication form,” along with the requirements.

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