Tumb of one of the founders of the O
Egyptian Masonic Plate

“Egypt is the copy of heaven. This land is the temple of the world.

A time will come when it will seem that the Egyptians honored their gods in vain. They will leave the earth and return to the sky. They will leave Egypt. This country which was once the home of the holy liturgies, will become a widow of its gods and will no longer enjoy their presence.

Foreigners will fill this country, this land and we will stop following the observances.

Then this most holy land, homeland of shrines and temples, will be all covered with graves and dead.

O Egypt, Egypt, there will remain nothing of your cults but tales that even your children will not believe in. Nothing will survive except words engraved on stones that tell your pious fables and exploits.

Then without God and without human beings, Egypt will become a desert. Nothing holy, nothing pious, worthy of heaven and gods will no longer be heard nor find their place in the soul!”

 Asclepius, Chapter 9.


This message, 2000 years old, still echoes today as a prophetic warning!

It is now time to unveil the sources of Egyptian Freemasonry!

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The Sacred Order of the Sophisians is a Masonic organization of high degrees founded in France in 1800 by generals in Bonaparte's army. Its rituals are inspired by ancient Egypt and the Isiac Tradition.