Our Origin

As any independent Grand Lodge created all around the world, all started from two things: 1- The will of Master Masons to work together in a specific way, 2- The common organization of a group of Lodges. According the Egyptian Masonic Tradition, an authentic lineage received from a Mason initiated to the highest Ancient Egyptian degrees was the third element that validated the foundation of a Grand Lodge.

To complete the pyramid, an independent organization of High Degrees that follow the three degrees of the Blue Lodge was created. Its name is the "Sacred Order of the Sophisians." The authentic direct lineage has been traditionally received, giving the authority to use these rituals.

The current Grand Master, Patricia Bourin, received its lineage many years ago from the hands of J.L. de Biasi. The latter received the highest degrees of the Egyptian Masonic Tradition when he lived in Europe.

The Grand Lodge was founded in 2015 in the United States.

This Grand Lodge has three categories of Lodges: Classic Lodges which meet in a physical place, Internet Lodges intended for isolated initiates, and Research Lodges.

Besides Lodges, "Triangles" are groups of 3 Master Masons in process to create a Lodge.

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International presence

The “National Grand Lodge of Ancient Egyptian Freemasons” is located in the United States, with few lodges overseas. The “National Grand Lodge of Ancient Egyptian Freemasons” is not operating in Europe, nor the Sophisians.