Welcome Words

My father was a Freemason. I had the opportunity to meet men and women initiates of all ages who belonged to various Masonic organizations. Most of these people were very open to discuss various subjects, and all of them had a strong sense of empathy. Consequently, I was first attracted to Freemasonry because of the brotherhood expressed towards its members and their families. Any brother or sister with a problem could count on the Lodge for support and help, depending on its resources. 

After being initiated, I discovered what Freemasonry offers: a method of inner work, and a study of symbolism and esotericism. Knowing more about ourselves and the world around us and going back to the roots of such a tradition can change a life. This is what happened to me.

In France, Freemasonry matured at the crossroads of humanism and Western spirituality. It was enriched by Enlightenment philosophy, social struggles and feminism. Some women were initiated very early in the history of Freemasonry.  We are very proud that the Egyptian Freemasonry and the "Sacred Order of Sophisians," born in 1801, was the first Masonic organization to officially initiate men and women, without discrimination. 

I consider gender diversity as an asset, a mutual enrichment, and a natural expression of our society. These values, associated with an authentic spirituality placed under the auspices of Isis, are part of an amazing experience. I wish everyone would experience this unique heritage of the Masonic Tradition.

Patricia Bourin,

Federal Grand Master